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Camac Studio is a creative studio specializing in strategic branding and graphic design. We are driven by creativity, research & storytelling. By focusing on these three elements, we’re able to produce meaningful original designs suited for any project.

As creative directors, we will not only navigate ideas and bring them to life, we will also collaborate with talented freelancers to facilitate any creative job.


It’s pronounced Andraya but firends call her Dre.

While most kids were collecting Pokémon cards, Andrea was collecting business cards. Aside from graphic design, her background in the Fine Arts has allowed her to incorporate different art mediums into her work. Design opened up many opportunities to travel and work alongside likeminded creatives, with the end goal of running her own studio.

Andrea loves creating with reason, art directing, drawing, making things out of concrete, her dog Nala and bread. Her love for basketball is so real that even 3 knee surgeries couldn’t stop her. When it comes to design, no challenge gets in her way; you can always count on her persistence to get the job done.

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Full name, Katrina Marguerita Castro. Yes, that’s right, her name is the perfect disaster: hurricane, cocktail, dictator. To Andrea, she’s just Katie.

Over the years, she’s lived in London studying textiles & design and in Northern Italy studying drawing through architecture.  

Katie loves page layout, problem solving, french fries, her dog (Harley), swings, and spending time in the mountains.  Surfing is a new hobby she hopes to master one day.  When it comes to design, she won’t rest until she feels it’s just right. Call her a perfectionist, but she calls it her doing her job.

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