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A few words from our incredible clients.

Nalie Agustin • Writer, Speaker & Wellness Advocate
My brand/business is so unique because it represents my entire journey and soul-story. It was important for me to work with a team that could exude that same positive energy through their designs, and Camac Studio delivered! Andrea and Katrina created my logo, business cards and merchandise that are both professional and artistic giving it that "crafty touch". I consider myself a creative with great ideas, but their proposals go beyond my imagination. I would definitely consider continuing to grow my personal brand with them. A true pleasure to work with!

Allan Gilmour • Gilmour Veterinary Services
Loved working with Andrea and Katrina... totally loved the process from start to finish. Having worked with them on a few projects I really feel that they really get the feel and vibes that we are looking for which is captured in the end product.  Creative, professional, and dedicated, I couldn’t recommend a better team to work on marketing your next business venture. I have another project in the works and will be reaching out to them once again… soon.

Jordan Benjamin, D.M.D • Clinique Dentaire Sur le Canal
I didn't fully grasp how much Camac helped our business until long after their work was done. They took the time to understand what our Clinique Dentaire Sur Le Canal is about, our goals and our needs. They synthesized all that into a brand, a logo, and a website but also really helped us define the ideas we had in our own minds.  We have made a lot of our decisions thereafter based on the ideas they came up with. It has given us an important  consistency in look and feeling of our practice across the board.  Their work is sharp, current, professional and strongly considered.

Stephan Ledain • Eternal Remedy

Camac is a dream partner. They took the time to first see the people and focus on the stories behind our brand before applying their process, which made us feel deeply understood. They gave us the rare and deep privilege of applying to their work with us the same sort of intimacy and care we put towards our own. With that alignment came clear and fluid communication and efficient exchanges throughout. Ultimately, with exceptional style and rigor, they’ve took our complex ideas and put the into precise visual assets, leaving us with an end product that surpassed our expectations and delighted our customers.

Ivana Krunic • FITSQR
Camac Studio was amazing to work with! They are incredibly talented, efficient and professional. They're able to take your vision and turn it into a reality and are completely open to feedback until the project is perfect. I know it can be difficult and overwhelming to find the right company to work with especially when there are so many out there. Give Camac a try. You will be so glad you did. I highly recommend working with them.

Maima Foley • Lhoist
Katrina and Andrea have a knack for adapting their creative eye to your exact needs. They listen, adapt, and ask the right questions to make sure what they deliver is exactly what you’re looking for: even if you weren’t quite able to put words to it before.

Michael Ghorayeb • Cameron Public House
As a restauranter it is always important to be able to add value for the customer without scaring them away in order to maximize revenue and profits. With Camac Studio, they built us a brand that was welcoming and accessible to our clientele while at the same time giving them a sense that they were walking into something unique and special. There are always trends and fads in this industry but I truly believe that their work transcends the popular and allows us to build a brand that will last and separate us from our competition.
I strongly recommend Camac, their ideas and drive are fresh and inspiring. An investment that I believe will bring any business to the next level.

Shalesha Gale • Maison Océanne
It's always a pleasure working with Camac's designers. Andrea and Katrina are always my first choice (generally my only choice) when it comes to a project as they understand and deliver on vision every single time. I am always proud to recommend them to other business builders and will continue to do so. They have high level of professionalism and are relatable.

Camac Studio Inc. Never random. Always meaningful.