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With over 14 years of design education and 15 years of industry experience combined, Camac Studio is an ode to the founders’ shared interests and creative harmony. Meet the founding partners ︎︎︎

Katrina Castro

Full name, Katrina Marguerita Castro. Yes, that’s right, her name is the perfect disaster: hurricane, cocktail, dictator. To Andrea, she’s just Katie.
Katie loves page layout, problem solving, french fries, her dog Harley, swings, and spending time in the mountains.  

When it comes to design, she won’t rest until she feels it’s just right. Call her a perfectionist, but she calls it doing her job.

Andrea Cavaleri

It’s pronounced An-draya but friends call her Dre. Andrea loves creating with reason, art directing, drawing, making things out of concrete, her dog Nala and bread. Her love for basketball is so real that even 3 knee surgeries couldn’t stop her.

When it comes to design, no challenge gets in her way; you can always count on her persistence to get the job done.

Never random. Always meaningful.
Camac Studio Inc.